The Round Up has been operating since 1980 as the bar of PIER Beach hotel (www.pier-beach.com). 20 years later and after a huge renovation, The Round Up became a western- country place, with a concentration on wooden decoration. A friendly environment, where customers can watch a variety of live sport events on TV, while tasting the special grill kitchen, Mexican dips, as well as a variety of salads. Open from 7am in the morning with a rich breakfast menu and coffee until 2am after midnight.

All of our efforts have been diverted to create a place to relax, chill out, tickle the taste buds and quench your thirst with our variety of drinks and refreshing cocktails. Enjoy beachfront dining and drinking with someone special and a smile! Feel our hospitality and as it is customary to say:

Cheers - “Stin Iyia mas”